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Automatic blockchain registration & audit trail

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Creators, Producers, Agencies

Musicians, writers, designers, photographers, filmmakers…

SENDERGRAM is a secure way to send, review, deliver, transact, and accept payment for sales and licencing of creative work, intellectual property and important files. A blockchain registered cryptographic audit-trail helps to protect and reinforce copyright, makes infringement harder, easier to defend and reduces misunderstanding and disputes.

Don’t Create Without It!

Proof of existence, integrity, and authorship

From concept to delivery a permanent, time-stamped, and a legally-defensible record of each digital asset and all communication, at each stage of the creative process, is protected, tracked, registered and certified. Sendergram leverages the blockchain to establish transparency for all parties with verifiable proof of the existence, integrity, and authorship of any intellectual property, process, transaction, or communication.

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Copyright In Motion

Sendergram helps to protect a user not only by registering each file in the blockchain but also by tracking and recording all communication, transactions and events: What was discussed? What was agreed upon? What was viewed? What was downloaded? All user engagement is logged in real-time through a permanent time-stamped and continuously updated activity record.


Transparency, accountability, irrefutable

The blockchain is an open, distributed ledger to record transactions between parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Sendergram uses the blockchain to ensure all creative stakeholders can engage in trusted transactions with full confidence in the integrity of the assets being exchanged, and to trust that the ideas, creative artwork, data and information being transferred is registered, tracked, and protected.


  • Proof of attribution & integrity of any data, file or creative work
  • Proof a file, creative work, discussion or idea occurred at a certain point in time
  • Proof a document or communication hasn’t been tampered with
  • Proof of what each recipient received, opened view, discussed, downloaded
  • Proof of entire communication, transaction agreements between parties

Not another storage service

Rapid access to the storage you already use

Sendergram conveniently aggregates storage services you, and your team already use (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Vimeo and YouTube) for rapid access and to enable you to organize, access and share visual media assets securely, with greater ease and efficiency. Sendergram enables company accounts to access their personal storage and company storage from one interface.


We support all creative types and allied businesses

Sendergram supports all creative types: photographers, filmmakers, musicians, screen writers, journalists, designers, advertising & digital agencies, art buyers, galleries, sales reps, sales, and production teams who create, produce, own, traffic and transact with copyrighted or intellectual property.

Why I built Sendergram

It’s your work: Protect it, Blockchain it, Sendergram it!

Sendergram was born from my career as a rock photographer ( and music video producer (Underground showreel). Today the demand and venues for digital content are exploding. Unfortunately, 70% of the digital images in circulation online are without adequately defined or obtained usage rights, the vast majority with neither copyright protection nor licensing rights.  Many creators are not credited or paid. This is why I created SENDERGRAM. Simple tools to empower, protect and get creators paid! Andy Rosen, Co-Founder of

For a limited time only

For a limited time only while we introduce Sendergram you can send and track as many Sendergram’s as you like and blockchain register an unlimited amount of files and data for free. Anyone can create a free account and be up and running in minutes.