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Automatic blockchain registration & audit trail

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Creators, Producers, Agencies

Musicians, writers, designers, photographers, filmmakers…

SENDERGRAM is the secure way for all creative types to send, review, transact, deliver and accept payment for creative work, intellectual property and important files.

Don’t Create Without It!

Automatic copyright protection

From concept to delivery a permanent, time-stamped, and a legally-defensible record of each digital file, all communication and activity at each stage of the creative process, is digitally signed, tracked, registered and verifiable in the blockchain. Sendergram streamlines and secures the creative process, protects the work and makes copyright infringement and plagiarism harder.

Aggregate & Instant access to file sharing storage services you already use
Send, review, discuss, transact, deliver & accept payments
Know when recipients open, view, download, comment, forward, or make payment
Audit Trail
A blockchain registered audit-trail from concept to delivery protects copyright
Register proof of existence, integrity, authorship of any file
Set payment terms & collect payment before file download

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Creative Control

Real-time tracking and notifications

Notifications alert you when a recipient opens, views, forwards, downloads, comments or make payments. A simple dashboard enables users to pinpoint activity and respond in real time. Sent the wrong files? No problem you can add or remove files after sending. You can also set an expiration date, a password for additional protection or revoke access at any time.

Not another storage service

Unify and share storage you already use

Sendergram provides a productivity and protection layer that sits over the cloud storage services you already use including Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Vimeo, YouTube. It allows you to aggregate and access multiple storage services in one place. Sendergram enables company users to access their personal storage and access a centralized network of company-controlled storage services.


Creative types who like to sleep easy

Sendergram is built for all creative types who create, produce, send, transact, license or sell copyright and intellectual property materials. This includes photographers, filmmakers, musicians, screenwriters, journalists, designers, advertising, digital agencies, art buyers, galleries, sales reps and production teams.

Why Blockchain?

Written in stone

The blockchain is a peer-to-peer public ledger maintained by a distributed network of computers that requires no central authority or third-party intermediaries. A record can never be altered or lost. Using the Bitcoin blockchain, Sendergram delivers trust and clarity to copyright authors, owners and users. It creates permanent and clear records of the creative process with instant proof of ownership, attribution and integrity of any digital file or communication.

For a limited time only

While we introduce Sendergram you can send, protect, and track as many Sendergram's as you like and blockchain register an unlimited amount of files and data for free. All registrations are yours to download and keep forever.

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