Automatic self-updating copyright protection


SENDERGRAM is a file presentation, discussion, delivery, and payment platform built for all creative types who create, produce, share, and publish digital content. Sendergram streamlines creative process, provides automatic copyright protection, aggregates common cloud storage services and enables teams to uniquely aggregate and share multiple instances of the same storage services, organizing them into a shared storage network . (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Youtube, Vimeo)


SENDERGRAM leverages new blockchain technology to establish with verifiable proof, the existence, integrity, and authorship of any file, document, or communication. From concept to delivery an immutable audit trail of each digital asset and each stage of the creative process is tracked, automatically registered and verifiable in the blockchain. Sendergram’s use of the blockchain to protect copyright, create trust between parties, reduce misunderstandings, and disputes. 

Don’t Create Without It!

Proof of existence, integrity, and authorship


All creative types

It’s your work, Protect it, Blockchain it, Sendergram it!

Sendergram was born from my experiences and frustration as a rock and roll photographer ( and as a producer of over a 100 music videos with the lack of copyright protection, accountability, and recourse I had when pitching clients creative ideas, sending examples, delivering artwork and collecting payment. I set out to build an integrated solution for all creative types to simplify working with creative assets, to help protect artists copyright throughout the creative process and to get paid on delivery.  Andy Rosen, Co-Founder of

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Enable and protect creative process


SENDERGRAM is a file sending, communication and copyright protection solution built for all creative types including photographers, filmmakers, musicians, writers, designers, sales, agency and production teams.


SENDERGRAM brings all your files together (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Youtube, Vimeo) in one place and gives you the tools to send, present, track, discuss, deliver, and process payments in an integrated workflow.


Storage: Aggregate cloud storage accounts

Channels: Send, present, track, discuss, payment, deliver

Tracking: Audit logs with file tracking, email alerts

Companies: Branded. Advanced admin tools

Video: Build presentations, showreels, playlists

Payment: Payment before file download

Blockchain: Proof of existence, integrity, and authorship

Blockchain process: Certified audit trail of creative process





Proof of existence, integrity, and ownership

Simply, the blockchain is a permanent, incorruptible, decentralized database with no central authority.


A Sendergram blockchain registration reinforces and helps protect copyright by establishing with verifiable proof, the existence, integrity, and authorship of any creative work file, document, or an entire communication from concept to delivery of creative work. (Video, photos, music, screenplays, drawings, concepts…)


Proof of integrity
Proof of existence
Proof of ownership
Proof of delivery
Proof of creative process


All your storage at your fingertips

Simply connect the cloud storage services you already use and bring all your files together in one place. (Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, YouTube).


Sendergram uniquely enables companies and teams to aggregate and share multiple instances of the same storage services, organizing them into a shared storage network where teams all have read access to the same files.


Sending built for creative business
With access to all your files adding files to a Sendergram is quick and easy. You can add comments, descriptions, select files for payment, set blockchain registration, notifications, password protection, payment amount, and an expiry date. Recipients don’t need an account for access.


Present creative work instantly and securely
Build, send, track and discuss video playlists, images, documents, audio or a mix of all media for presentations, client review, sales, marketing, licensing, production workflows….


Stay informed after you press send

Real-time notifications inform you when someone opens the package, views, comments, clicks, downloads, forwards or pays for a file. A simple user interface enables users to pinpoint activity and react in real-time.


Review, comment, audit
When you send an email or ask someone to review a file often the most valuable piece of information being transferred is not the file itself, but the ensuing conversation, and the context around each file. Sendergram tracks, builds and blockchain registers immutable context around each individual file.


Deliver work instantly and securely
Sendergram certifies the contents and verifies file delivery with a timestamped blockchain registration. Password protection and an expiry date can be set for added security. Recipients have immediate access and can participate without having to sign up for an account.


Accept payment from anyone, anywhere

Sendergram makes it simple for creators and owners to process payments to get paid for service work or sell or license their work. Payment is assured before any files can be downloaded. Proof of the entire transaction, communication, and agreements between parties are registered on the blockchain and accessible on Sendergram.

You are only 3 mins away from sending your first SENDERGRAM