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Artists & Creators

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Sendergram provides a secure blockchain enabled file-sending, presentation, delivery, transaction and sales solution for digital media for all creative types. With blockchain-based registration, it continually registers, tracks, and certifies every step of the creative process to ensure integrity, transparency and accountability and help make copyright infringement harder and easier to defend.

Don’t Create Without It!

Proof of existence, integrity, and authorship

From concept to delivery, Sendergram protects the work and the creative process. Users can register their data, certify its authorship, track recipient activity and execute payments. A verifiable record of all intellectual property, communication and transactions are combined and cryptographically signed, time-stamped and registered in the blockchain. A Sendergram certificate of authenticity establishes a creative exchange with trust, integrity and authenticity.

Smart Creative

Written in stone

  • File-sharing, presentation & delivery
  • Mix, send, track YouTube & Vimeo playlists
  • Track actions, set notifications , expiry date
  • Aggregate & share storage services
  • Share storage accounts across teams
  • Blockchain registered audit trail
  • Unlimited blockchain registrations
  • Mandate payment before file download

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Copyright In Motion

It’s your work: Protect it, Blockchain it, Sendergram it!

Sendergram was born from my experiences and frustration as a music photographer ( and as a producer of over a 100 music videos with the lack of protection, accountability, and recourse with infringement. Sendergram simplifies working with creative assets, where ever they are stored, helps to protect artists throughout the creative process and ensures payment on delivery. Andy Rosen, Co-Founder of


Instant and permanent, irrefutable record

Establishing the authenticity of information is slow, expensive, and out of sync with the demands and speed of a digital economy. A Sendergram certificate and blockchain registration is an instant and permanent, irrefutable record and audit trail of creative process. It cannot be erased or modified by anybody. It ensures ideas, artwork, data and information transferred are registered, time-stamped and authenticated.

Redefining Trust

Transparency between parties

The digital economy has created expanding markets for content and rights holders. Illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted materials have increased at a rapid pace. Sendergram’s use of the blockchain is to help defend copyright and to create trust and transparency between parties to reduce misunderstandings, fraud and disputes when transacting with intellectual property.


  • Proof of the integrity of any data, file or creative work
  • Proof a file, creative work, discussion or idea occurred at a certain point in time
  • Proof a document or communication hasn’t been tampered with
  • Proof of exactly what each recipient received, opened view, discussed, downloaded
  • Proof of entire communication, transaction agreements between parties