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Sendergram provides a secure blockchain enabled file-sending, presentation, delivery, transaction, and sales solution for digital media for all creative types. With blockchain-based registration, it continually registers, tracks, and certifies every step of the creative process. Sendergram ensures integrity, transparency, and accountability. It helps to reduce misunderstanding, disputes and makes copyright infringement harder and easier to defend.

Don’t Create Without It!

Proof of existence, integrity, and authorship

When users join Sendergram, they gain access to a digital workspace that supports, protects, and tracks creative process—they can unify all their cloud storage in one place, access content from anywhere, share it with internal and external collaborators, track engagement and process payments. From concept to delivery a verifiable audit trail of all files, interactions and events are automatically tracked, cryptographically signed, time-stamped and registered in the blockchain. Sendergram issues proof of existence, authorship, provenance, and the integrity of virtually any type of digital asset, data, communication, or transaction.

Smart Creative

Written in stone

  • Protect share, present, discuss, deliver, creative work
  • All file types, video, audio, docs, data
  • Real-time notification & engagement tracking
  • Password protect, set an expiry date or revoke access
  • Certify existence, integrity, attribution
  • Automatic self-updating blockchain registrations
  • Register digital URL credit links to verify attribution
  • Aggregate common file storage accounts
  • Turn shared storage accounts into team hubs
  • Mandate payment before file download

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Copyright In Motion

It’s your work: Protect it, Blockchain it, Sendergram it!

Sendergram was born from my career as a rock photographer ( and music video producer (Underground showreel) pitching clients creative ideas, sending examples, delivering artwork and collecting payment. Through this experience, I built an affordable, integrated solution to simplify, enable, protect, and certify the creative process for all creative types working with creative assets. Andy Rosen, Co-Founder of


Instant and permanent, irrefutable record

Sendergram helps to protect users not only by registering a file to prove attribution but also by tracking and registering the whole communication, transaction and events: what was discussed? what was agreed upon? All participant interaction is logged through an immutable time-stamped activity record. In this way, Sendergram is uniquely focused on auditing a communication trail in addition to registering and time-stamping a digital file in the blockchain.


  • Proof of attribution & integrity of any data, file or creative work
  • Proof a file, creative work, discussion or idea occurred at a certain point in time
  • Proof a document or communication hasn’t been tampered with
  • Proof of exactly what each recipient received, opened view, discussed, downloaded
  • Proof of entire communication, transaction agreements between parties